Public Outreach

Archaeouplands Poster

This section will outline details on the public involvement I hope to incorporate into the project including some events and discoveries made as a result of public input and support

2 comments on “Public Outreach

  1. This is a wonderful source of detailed information. I only became aware of it when a face book friend shared a view from Oisin Park. I would be very interested to learn of any information you may have concerning Slieve Margy. If it is already provided in these pages, please excuse me as I have only read a fraction of the material yet.

    • While I am planning to branch out a little bit, most of the info here relates to he Blackstairs Region as that is my research study area. I havn’t written anything yet about Slieve Margy. As far as I am aware not much has been done in terms of detailed archaeological research yet although there is plenty to talk about and not just the obvious sites like the monastic settlement, motte and mining sites but also the ringforts and church sites in an around Clogrenan etc I’m sure the extensive forestry activity up around the higher ground is masking features also and there may be plough levelled remains in the apparently empty fields..Hope that helps in some way

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