Trip to York

Tomorrow I set off for two weeks to York on a work placement with English Heritage. Since man’s first flights in Britain, the potential for aerial photograph’s in identifying archaeological features was recognised. Many archived photograph’s taken by the RAF before and after WWII are available and show features which have since been destroyed or have not had the same enhancement in cropmarks since.

In the 1980’s aerial surveys over Yorkshire and Dartmoor highlighted the value of aerial photographs to the archaeological record. Since the 1990’s the National Mapping Programme has aimed to photograph as much of Britain from the air and has thus far achieved a 40% coverage.

My work placement will allow me to see how the York based wing of English Heritage have investigated and are still investigating the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Wolds. Monday will be spent in the Yorkshire Wolds with the entire Yorkshire and Humber Planning and Conservation Team. Monday the 25th will involve a fieldtrip to the North York Moors and the rest of the time will be spent getting some first hand experience at mapping and interpretation. Hopefully I’ll even get in the air that week also! This will all be done with another student from Sheffield.

Research doesn’t get much better than this!!!

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